Elderly couple.

"I stood around listening for a while, then I sat down on the concrete across from them. They didn’t seem to mind. The woman was quietly sorting through a large bag of colourful stacks of paper. Perhaps they were the blueprints for the true revolution that never happened."

Brothers in arms.

"Social distancing? They care not. Having the choice to rather be six feet under than spend one’s life six feet apart should be everyone’s God-given right, and they simply have the courage to claim it, standing tall and stalwart like oaks in a storm."

Kaide Mall.

"Sometimes, when we’re bored, hungover, or both, we just wander around, dizzy from the carbon monoxide accumulating in our muzzles, and giggle like glue-sniffing teens at unwittingly naughty chain store names like Elf Sack, Hotwind and Chlitina."

Old man on the pier.

"Overhead, gulls were lamenting the platinum light. My mom, who passed away years ago, used to say that some day she’d return as one, so I always look out for her when I’m wandering the shore. I wished I could join her and fly all the way Home."

Now and Zen.

"With the winds of change now ripping the globe apart, no matter if you are proud, ashamed or afraid of the flag you are destined to stand under, remember that you are always free to make up your own mind. This is a right, not a privilege. And it’s sure as fuck worth fighting for."


"Over time, one seems to just get used to it and go with the synthetic crystalline flow, paying precious little mind to the muddy depths beneath. It’s all about smoke and mirrors. Hair and make-up. Tits and teeth, baby."

It’s alright, Ma, I’m only sighing.

"I just hope that when I pop down to the corner store in a few minutes for a gallon of drinking water, the friendly folks with the red armbands and temperature scanners at the building gate don’t get a reading higher than 37.3 degrees Celsius from my wrist. If that’s the case, I’ll be questioned (in Chinese), detained and taken to a designated state hospital for testing, observation and God knows what else. Such is life in the Orient. Embrace the mystery."