Boy and seahorse.

Laoshan, China, 2020

This place has a way of conjuring up absurd visual poetry when you least expect it. More often than not, though, no matter how hard and far you look, the tough, glossy shell remains impenetrable. Sometimes the best you can do is to just let the camera hang on your hip, keep your head down and aim to present a moving target – one foot in front of the other – to the perpetual chaos and sensual assault. Then again, when you happen to turn a random corner, far from any golden shore, to find a masked boy standing next to a giant seahorse – in these darkest of times when we are drowning in a sea of contradictory information and future generations may well be depending on our waning ability to separate fact from fiction – you just need to laugh like a madman and face up to the Light.

© Jac Kritzinger.
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