A photo a day keeps the dragon at bay: #4

Pictures that make me feel something. From the cold, roaring heart of the beast that is China.

Untitled, Qingdao, 2020

These hands, resting peacefully with a lit phone in the back of a Chinese cab, shine with a strength I can not comprehend.
These hands, seeking only to heal, bristle with forgotten scars.
These hands, often clasped in anguish, open when cherry blossoms sigh overhead.
These hands belong to a warrior angel, caught in a complacent hell.
These are the hands that bear me through the Fire, when I am blind with rage and pain.
These hands will keep fighting to build a better world, until they’ve been torn to dust.
Let me be there at the beginning.
Let me be there at the end, my light, my love, my one and only Leani.
I know these aren’t the happiest of days. But may today, the one which saw you enter this life, be well and truly blessed.
I know I’m not always there when you reach out for me in the dark. At times I forget what it means to be a man.
Just remember: whatever’s left  now among the ashes of this world, it’s an infinitely better place as long as you are in it. I am right here by your side.
Thank you for holding the flame of my heart. And for not letting go.

© Jac Kritzinger.
For more of my work, please visit http://jackritzinger.co.za/

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